Sept 1

fallen tears gather
  in lifelines far from grace

  clasped into a fist: together
plunging to the bottom of that
newly formed lake
         filled with (   ) shadows

too lonely to take what isn’t
                   mine: theirs

smaller, growing smaller
           lack nourish

meant to fly side by side

hand ne’er empty
I won’t fear freefall
        in your eyes x
brightest blue
             deep and blessed

assuring those whispers against
               actions: staving breath

spinning out as
          orifices left bare

  :broken down:

  losing myself

sweetest curls: cling
    on shallow cheek bones
                  hidden in pinkest rouge

is slight frame swallowed in frills
                  and fur

a distraction from inborn shadows
                 wrapped through no
     cooling heart.

extreme dis-satisfaction

outlining shapes
tacked on each side
              of skin.

tubes…tubes…sucking tubes
   filled with red, sucking tubes
out the ends of lying lines
     threaded through veins, eyes
                      and mouth

bloody words to fill
           the silence

nowhere to stand
     rest, strengthened.

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