Strapped Down

  Compulsion to insist upon wasting down
Refusal to listen any but insanity; reason
           hastily shoved out.
My own experiences scoffed away
        repeatedly : forces mine arms standstill
strapped as I watch disembowellment
           of continually regrowing limbs.

must dear ones throw themselves away so?
                  despise hardworn care
tenderly weaved at an attempt to protect
     from heartbreak
                            nigh unto shattering
                                                 one day

  Unable to see past frustration :
              well-being put in danger, they care not. 

Souls fleeing their very home,  how can I
                       simply stay put

       do nothing. keep silent

  Opening again my own torn 

seeing such godlessness

thrown into whole new levels.
stuck with the scum from the feet
          of crummy men

for eternity. 
                     Simply because your destined other half couldn’t recognize
                           the shining light hidden under massive piles of clog: dirt

                 I cannot stand by.  

While you do this to yourself.

                                  Not again
and Again Again Again. 

     Don’t eat yourself, I love you so. 

             If you could only see
how the want for you to find joy consumes me

                   Refrain from frowning
    think only of a new perspective of those who love dear
                  watching you tear apart
        and forsake a chance of light

In a dismal gloomy land filled dispair
                 and rent. 

                                          You deserve better 
                                                                            no matter what excuses concocted
                            sacrifices have earned far more than 

                               mere settling.

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