You can’t hurt me now.


I am a free adult. 

I live 2,000 miles away, and even if I wasn’t, you canNOT hurt me anymore. 

I am not defined by my illnesses.

I am not defined by the abuse from my parents. 

I am not even defined by my association with them.

I am not in Boston right now. I am present; I am in Colorado. 

This is the clearest my brain has been in years. 

I can shower.

I want to clean my room.

I want to explore the mountains.

And one of the most important things in the world to me, I WANT TO TEACH.

My illnesses The effects of my parents’ abuse took that away from me. But I am here now. I am me. I am sober, clear-minded, strong, free, me. 

I am my own person. I am worthy. I am loved. I can do what I want to do. I live my life for me. 

I have been crying so hard, I’ve had to be aware of not being loud from it because I don’t want my roommates to hear me. 

Jessica Jones conquered the source of her trauma. I can do the same. 

This show has just given me freedom. It has given me release. 

You can’t hurt me now. I got away from you. I knew I could. 

I want to train my brain to be this clear all the time.

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