Ouran AUs no one would read part 2


Tamaki is secretly a best selling horror manga author

Haruhi becomes an expert in wine forgery, robs basically every rich person. Finally has revenge. Smashes the host’s 80,000 yen vase and pays it off just because she can

The twins realize they can fusion together (like gems from steven universe) into one mega version of themselves, only everyone thinks this is just their gigantic older brother

Kyoya accidentally asks Tamaki out and they are both so surprised and embarrassed that they just go with it, waiting for the other party to just call their bluff, five years later they get married, they adopt children, they are still waiting for the other one to admit it was an accident. They attend their daughter’s weddings and Tamaki final breaks down and confesses that he only agreed to date Kyoya because he couldn’t find a way to say no. Kyoya points out it would ruin their daughter’s wedding to get divorced now. they stay married until they die.

Mori becomes a best selling romance novelist, gets an MFA and teaches romance writing all over the world. It’s really just a cover for his secret smuggling and assassination ring. Except he develops a real passion for his writing and must deal with the fallout when he struggles to meet his deadlines because he is arm deep in someone else’s guts.

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