What Video Games Taught Me Better than School or Parents Ever Could



If you are facing new challenges/obstacles, then you’re going the right way.

No one blames you if you have to check the map.

Always come prepared.

Everyone is worth talking to.

Even if you don’t get money for something, you always get experience.


The places that are hardest to get to always have the best rewards.

The best way to become someone’s friend is to actually talk to them.

If you want to be someone’s friend faster, also give them food.

Don’t hold on to too much crap, you’ll fill up your inventory.

Don’t be deterred if a challenge was too much for you; go back, level up, increase your skill, and try again.

You don’t learn anything if you get someone else to do it for you.

Don’t feel like you have to plow through the main story. The best content is sometimes in the side quests.

If you’ve tried and failed 30 times, you probably missed something. Go back and look around.

Never judge someone’s skill solely on their achievements; you don’t know how they got them.

When you succeed after multiple failures, you feel so much more accomplished.

Take full advantage of character customization.

Decisions rarely only affect you. Please choose wisely.

I love this omfg.

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