@ people who are ill in anyway but are still trying to find a diagnosis


you are valid

your issues are valid

I am so sorry you have to go through all this

just because you arent sure whats wrong, doesnt mean something isnt wrong.

just because you havent been diagnosed, it does not mean you are not sick.

you are not making it up

Its okay to feel panicked, scared, stressed or anything else because this is a scary thing to go through, your emotions are valid.

its okay to not know how to feel, because this is a very hard situation to go through, any form of confusion or frustration you might feel is valid.

whether you are home, in school, or working, your health is the most important thing, please put yourself first. and never feel ashamed for putting yourself first.

you are going through so much, and im sorry you couldnt just be diagnosed and at least know whats wrong, i hope you get whatever amount of help you need soon.

do not let people invalidate you, do not let them say youre lying, and do not let them treat you like youre lying. this goes for friends, family, strangers and even doctors. you are a person, you deserve to be treated like a person. you deserved to be believed.

you matter, you are amazing and im so proud of you.

and always remember

I believe you. and i believe in you.

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