i have a suggestion





just in case anyone was thinking about bombing trump tower or lighting it on fire or something, how about instead you throw paint balloons at the ground floor windows every day

just every single day forever

because cleaning off the paint then becomes a 24/7 job that is super obvious to everyone in the vicinity

and the trumples will freak the fuck out and act like it’s the same as bombing the fucking thing, which is hilarious and embarrassing for everyone else

it will be demanded that the police make it staaaaaaaahp like it’s this huge goddamn deal and the police will be like oh my god stop wasting my time this is excruciating

plus it’s really easy to just have different people do it at different times of day and if you do get caught oh well it’s a misdemeanor vandalism charge, pay a fine and go home

tell me you can’t find 365 people who would cop to a vandalism fine for the privilege of driving merkin von bankrupt absolutely batshit with impotent fury

just an idea

…this is really good, dude. i LIKE it. 

“Don’t think of it as criminal, think of it as putting the window washer’s kids through college.”

additional suggestion: the paint should be pink, and glittery. nothing horrifies bigoted men more than their macho status objects being CONTAMINATED by NASTY AWFUL NO GOOD SCARY GROSS FEMME COOTIES. taking danglord turnip’s big metal monument and smearing the girliest possible paintjob across its bottom would be particularly distressing to the guys we wanna distress, while not at all bothering anyone else. 

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