for nb people(and maybe some binary) who want some words


hey!!! here are some very specific words/orientations (romantic/sexual ones) that can be used by/or include nb people who were looking. there is NO OBLIGATION to use these but i think some people would really like to know in case they’re sticklers like me. it’s also useful imo to help if you’re trying to understand alignment and attraction systems. 

i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out the galactian alignment system which includes fluid identities and the words for specific attractions out now.  i’ll include some of those words in case you want those instead.

note that some binary people may be able to use some of these terms to describe their nonstraight attraction to nb people. my main purpose is for diamoric people to find words but since there are binary people who are in diamoric relationships with nb people, i’m including them as a side note.
diamoric is any attraction/relationship a nb person experiences. 

 here we go.

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