I’ve been really busy lately so my blog has been 99% queued, but this is important

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this supposed to be Captain AMERICA kneeling for the NATIONAL ANTHEM? What on earth is wrong with you people? Shouldn’t he be the LAST person to disrespect his country? One would think he would be AGAINST taking something pure and unifying and tarnishing it with divisiveness and hate for short-term political posturing.

In case you haven’t seen this, I think cap’s take on the issue is clearly stated here.

Dude. Steve has rejected being Captain America before because he was disappointed in the country’s behavior. The national anthem is a song. The flag is a piece of cloth. It is not pure. They are items. Things. Actual patriotism is not idolatry. This flag worship and demanded reverence for a piece of fucking cloth is idolatry. It is deplorable. It is not honoring soldiers or veterans. It is idolatry.

Actual patriotism says it is not only your right but your civic duty to stand up when your country has fucked up and say it has fucked up and demand it does better.

No song, not flag, no ritual of standing is worth more than human lives. They are not even close. If you’re putting them in a hierarchy and if gazing lovingly at a textile is above or even close to the lives of actual living breathing human beings, Captain America is disappointed in you. You are why he’d be Nomad again.

^this person puts it way better than I ever could

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